Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Stating the obvious – Latino vote “up for grabs”

An interesting essay from political observer Michael Barone, who seems to think that the Latino segment of the electorate isn’t in the hands of Democratic Party officials for good.

But for whom?
He has some legitimate points about how many Latinos could become disillusioned with the ineptitude of our federal government. Although it should be noted that it isn’t just Democrats who cause that ineptitude.

IN FACT, IN many cases it is the interference of ideologues using the Republican Party as the mechanism for a government that is meant to deliberately exclude Latinos that causes the failures.

Inept Democrats, or openly hostile Republicans?!? A part of me wonders at times if a serious political “third party” effort could be one that is based upon the growing number of Latinos who age into being old enough to vote. Those numbers would overwhelm the numbers of Tea Party types who can’t comprehend that everyone (not even within the GOP) doesn’t think like they do!

As for those who are now screaming at their computer screens while reading this about the “absurdity” of such a concept, I’d say it’s not the most ridiculous idea for our future. Anything is possible when the status quo fails to recognize the reality of our society.

I’d argue Barone put it mildly when he concluded with, “the Hispanic vote is up for grabs.”


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