Friday, January 10, 2014

Burritos in a box? They can’t be worse than Taco Bell!


That’s my initial reaction to learning of the Burrito Box – which now exists solely at a West Hollywood, Calif., gas station and spits out burritos all hot and tasty that can be instantly consumed.

I’M NOT SURE which concept repulses me more – the idea of food from a machine, or food from a gas station. I don’t expect gourmet cuisine from either circumstance.

So if this idea catches on and these boxes somehow come to Chicago and become as omniscient as those boxes people can use to rent videos, don’t count on me to be someone who would ever eat out of them. I don’t buy video discs from them either.

If someone else wants to consume such caca and claim to have been fed, that’s their business.

My only concern is that some people might actually think that anything that comes from a Burrito Box bears any resemblance to “Mexican” food. Even though the Burrito itself is something that self-respecting Mexicans look at as being as “foreign” as spaghetti, or perhaps “chop suey.”

THE LATTER MAY well be the best description – as it was what Chinese immigrants on the West Coast in this country fed to unknowing Anglos who didn’t know any better.

Just as burritos were more a creation of Texas types who made something that sort of “seemed Mexican” to people who weren’t fully aware. Who also are the type who populate the Taco Bell franchises of the world!

Make this in a box; I dare you!
More power to them if they can make money off of people whose Mexican food desires can be satisfied with third-rate burritos ($0.75 extra for ‘Wholly Guacamole?’).

Personally, I won’t be impressed until they can come up with an instant pollo con mole dinner. Although the thought of ‘instant’ in that case would seem to take away all the appeal of such a comida.


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