Saturday, December 14, 2013

Why we can be pig-headed about Cuba (and I don't mean the Bay of)

The New York Times took a bold (heavy sarcasm intended) editorial stance this week – the trade embargo that was meant to bring Cuba’s economy to its knees ought to be lifted.

Evidence of the 'crime?'
Of course, nobody seriously expects this to happen anytime soon.

TOO MANY PEOPLE have built their political influence on the idea of giving Cuba nothing whatsoever; even though it ought to be apparent that while Cuba is a poor nation, they have managed to turn their poverty into a weapon to be used against U.S.

Heck, there are those who want to claim that we got the ultimate evidence of President Barack Obama’s “subversive” nature because he actually had manners and shook hands with Cuba President Raul Castro (as in Fidel’s hermanito) while attending the memorial services held in Johannesburg for Nelson Mandela. For all I know, they think attending that service was a subversive act as well!

Then again, these are the people who still haven’t gotten over the fact that U.S. law was clearly followed when the decision was made some 13 years ago to return Elian Gonzalez to his Cuban father. They wanted our foreign policy to be based on the concept of a double-cross, so long as the Castros came out on the losing side.

Yes, I find it a bit sad that Gonzalez (now in his early 20s) says he thinks he would have been harmed if he had lived in the United States. Although I wonder if he wound up getting a better life than the typical Cuban child – just because of his propaganda value to the Cuban state.

AS FOR THE embargo, I know there are agricultural interests that would love to sell U.S. goods to the Cuban people. Lifting restrictions against traveling to, or doing business with, Cuba would just be a matter of recognizing reality.

But so long as some people can regard a handshake as evidence of high crimes and treason against the U.S., the fight to repeal it is probably as futile as any crusade engaged in by Don Quixote.


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