Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Only in America; a Sikh/Mexican mix

The Washington Post came up with a unique take on the Mexican experience in the United States – its intermingling with Punjabi Sikhs out in California.

This is a mixture that occurred back when the 19th Century evolved into the 20th, and it seems the community wound up producing people who viewed themselves primarily for their Asian roots.

MEANING THAT THEIR offspring have largely married amongst other people of Indian (as in India, not the U.S. southwest) origins and has largely become a part of that community in this country.

Although it means many people who think of themselves as being Indian are going to find out they have a Mexican grandma in their family trees.

Actually, it was the twisted immigration policies of the past that caused this particular mixture to occur – which means it really is something that is an “all-American” product of U.S. society.

For the immigration laws of the past used to emphasize the notion that white people were welcome to come here from other countries. Non-white people weren’t supposed to think about having a future here.

WHICH IS AN aspect that some people seem to wish they could still maintain now that we’re in the 21st Century.

So for those Sikh males who back then came to the United States to work, the idea of bringing Sikh women with them was something the law wasn’t going to encourage.

Mexican women seemed to fit, and wound up assimilating into that community. So much for the notion that some seem to want to believe that Mexican culture will trash anything it comes in contact with.

This is a mere summary of what the Post reported. This truly is a story one shouldread for themselves – particularly the idea of chicken curry enchiladas for dinner.


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