Friday, August 9, 2013

We’re not on the verge of flipping to the GOP

It would seem that if there ever was a chance of the Republican Party being able to gain a significant share of the Latino voter support, that time has come and gone.

The Gallup Organization came up with a new survey on Thursday that seems to reinforce all the past polls that show the bulk of our numbers are turning to the Democratic Party when it comes to electoral politics in this country.

IT SEEMS THERE’S anywhere from a quarter to one-third of Latinos who are willing to be aligned with Republicans. But that seems to be it.

Meaning that the 71 percent Barack Obama got in Latino voter support last year wasn’t so much a significant achievement as much as what should have been expected.

Insofar as the new poll goes, 64 percent of Latinos whose parents also were born in this country lean to the Democratic Party, with 30 percent for the Republicans and six percent being political independents (ie., too wishy washy to identify with either major political party).

It gets worse when the factor of newcomers to this country are introduced into the family equation. For people born outside the United States, only 25 percent identified with the GOP, while those born in this country to parents from other countries were 34 percent likely to be Republicans.

WHEN IT COMES to the foreign-born, 57 percent said they were Democrats, while 16 percent wanted to be political independents. Meaning even if they’re disgusted with the Democratic Party’s tendency to be all-talk and no-action, they don’t consider Republicans to be viable alternatives.

The same poll contains many other factors, none of which are favorable to the Republicans. Because it seems that we do see Democrats as not being an ideal. We do see flaws in them.

Yet the Republican rhetoric that wants to view our presence as a problema to be eradicated is so intense that we just can’t get ourselves to cast votes for their candidates.

We’re Democrats by Default, and it doesn’t seem there’s much of anything that Republicans can do in the near future to overcome that trend.


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