Saturday, August 17, 2013

We’re all speaking Spanish?

It’s not a shock that many people living in this country are speaking the Spanish language.

Rolling Stone did a Spanish-language edition
But it seems that Espanol has become so popular that it’s not just immigrants holding onto the homeland lingua who are speaking it.

THE PEW RESEARCH Center released a study this week that found more people in the United States admitting to speaking Spanish than any other non-English language.

Some 37.6 million people (about one of every eight people living in this country) are speaking Spanish in their daily lives. That doesn’t mean they’re speaking exclusively Spanish. Many are bilingual.

But it is far more people than are speaking any other language.

The study found Chinese languages to be ranking second behind Spanish – with some 2.8 million people in this country speaking them.

ALTHOUGH IF YOU want some perspective, of the people who say they use Spanish in their daily lives here, some 2.8 million of them are NOT people of some Latin American ethnic origins.

We’re talking about people who felt some reason to pick up the language in their daily lives. While 2.8 million out of the 300-million plus who live in this country is a slim number, it is still significant.

Just as many non-Latinos speak Spanish as people overall speak Chinese – which is also a language that is going to experience growth in our society.

And yes, it seems that some 26 percent of the non-Latinos who speak Spanish are ones who live in households with someone who is Latino.

WHICH MAY BE the further evidence that assimilation into the greater society is taking place.

While the ideologues might like to dream that assimilation is about erasing the “foreign” characteristics a person might bring to this country, it truly is about a mixing by which our own society picks up some of the aspects of the newcomers.

Seeing the Spanish language become a part of the mix of U.S. society is just as much a part of the process of becoming a part of this country.

Although the true sign of assimilation will be when even non-Latinos realize just how disgusting and tacky the “food” (if you can call it that) at a Taco Bell franchise truly is!


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