Friday, August 30, 2013

Ideologues have to pretend to be respectable people

The Southern Poverty Law Center recently published an account of a rally in Georgia by white supremacist groups that honored a legitimate police chief for his work, as part of a protest against all the foreigners (particularly those from Latin American nations) now living in the United States.
Even when being subtle, the rhetoric comes out similar

The idea that a cop would be willing to be included in such a program really doesn’t shock me much.

THE PART THAT caught my attention about the report was the degree to which the protesters went to in order to try to appear as though they were just ordinary, non-descript people.

Instead of a batch of people so far out of the mainstream that it really isn’t at all incorrect to call them “un-American” in thought and act.

I’ve never heard of a demonstrator dress code that had to tell people to ditch the Confederate garb, any belt buckles or caps with inflammatory images or slogans and make sure they wore a button-down shirt that was tucked into their pants.
Just as nonsensical

If I didn’t know better, I’d think these rabble-rousers so out of the mainstream were just a batch of snot-nosed kids who had to be reminded to pull up their pants because nobody wants to see their undershorts hanging out.

AT LEAST THAT high school “fashion” will eventually wither away (probably for something that people will find more appalling).

But the nonsense of the ideologues seems to linger on and on.

Not that I’d care much. Except these people do seem to have a knack for wanting to believe they are the mainstream – and there are people in the real mainstream who seem willing to believe that these people are ones who ought to be listened to.

That is the real problem. It’s as though some of us – either because of ignorance or cowardice – are willing to give credit to nonsense that threatens to tear our society apart. Of course, to listen to them, they’d argue that it’s the presence of people not like themselves that is what’s tearing us apart.

WHICH IS JUST nonsense being spewed to the “n-th” degree.

My own wisecrack is to always say that if the United States ever did become the nation that these people wanted, that would be the day we’d become a third-world country.

But the legitimate viewpoint is that the nonsense-talk being spewed by these nativist nitwits is all too similar to what some allegedly-respectable government officials and other people are trying to peddle as reasons for doing nothing with regards to immigration reform – or any other issue that gets perceived as being in the interests of the growing Latino population.

Because even without the Confederate belt buckles or white-hood imagery, the talk of foreigners “taking over the country” comes across as nonsense-talk – on any logical level.


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