Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Who gets enriched with all the ‘border security’ nonsense being inserted into immigration reform?

I’m going to give the benefit of the doubt to those members of Congress who want immigration reform to focus on border security measures that they’re not just trying to make their corporate friends rich.

But let’s not underplay the fact that some people will benefit financially.

THE WASHINGTON POST reported this week how the bill passed by the Senate (that likely with wither away and die in the House of Representatives) called for security measures along the U.S./Mexico border that require purchases of very specific equipment.

Much of which is made by only select companies. Airborne radar systems and various types of helicopters meant to turn the southwestern U.S. desert into a war zone (the ‘war on foreigners’) would mean many billions of dollars being spent to companies with interests in maintaining those ideologues in Congress.

But I’m willing to believe that wasn’t the top concern of senators in putting together an immigration reform proposal. It won’t shock me if it’s not enough to get this through.

I couldn’t help but notice that Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla., told the Washington Post about how his ideological hang-ups on immigration overcame these financial benefits. “Taxpayer funds should enhance border security, not provide border stimulus for contractors,” he told the newspaper. “Unfortunately, the Senate bill does exactly that.”

SO WHAT ARE we going to get in the way of immigration reform?

I expect that the current measure (one that was overloaded with a lot of irrelevancy to try to sway the critics of real immigration reform) will be stunted by the House, which will come up with its own alternative – one that likely will be even more bloated with political spending.

So if the partisan politics of the issue don’t wind up sending this issue crashing to failure this year, then some defense contractors are going to get an even richer Christmas than they're already expecting.

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