Thursday, June 27, 2013

We’re split, on immigration reform and everything else

The big stink concerning immigration reform these days is between the people who want to put off any serious reform until after they get a series of measures put in place that they say are meant to bolster U.S./Mexico border security.

What their rhetoric really sounds like is that they want a batch of measures that will fail to be achieved – so they can then use as justification for doing nothing on the serious reforms that are needed to make sense of our nation’s immigration policy.

THAT IS WHAT the debate in the Senate was about when they approved an amendment that would require more hiring of border patrol agents, along with resumed construction of the pointless barricade in the deserts of the southwestern U.S.

Which is why I found a new study to be interesting – the Pew Research Center did polling earlier this month that says 43 percent of those surveyed have no problem with this attitude.

But 49 percent think that any security measures can be implemented along with the serious policy changes concerning the 11.1 million non-citizens living here without a visa.

Because the reality is that the only reason most of those people do not have visas is because our policy is mucked up. How else to explain a policy that seriously splits families apart (and has the ideologues thinking that the “solution” is to kick them all out of the country).

THIS IS A partisan issue. Most Democrats are on the side of revamping policy while doing the security measures, while most Republicans want to use the security measures as a means of thwarting the issue.

But still, that 49 percent is the segment of our society that the ideologues want to ignore, even though it turns up larger than their share of society.

And THAT is the reason why the backlash the ideologues will face if they do wind up thwarting this issue is something they need to account for.

Unless they all want to suffer the same fate of one-time Rep. Bob Dornan of California. It will happen.


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