Monday, June 10, 2013

Some people just don’t learn from others mistakes

I realize that professional athletes live in their own world, one that often considers the activities of reality to be irrelevant.

Yet you’d think that the one-time Atlanta Braves star, Chipper Jones, could have learned from the mess that arose last year during the presidential campaign cycle.

REMEMBER WHEN GOP presidential dreamer Herman Cain went around campaigning on the notion that there ought to be an electrified fence set up at the U.S./Mexico border, with some alligators dumped into the area, to make the area deadly for anyone who thinks of heading north?

He got hit with such a stink that it eliminated what fringe chances Cain might have had to actually get the Republican nomination to run against Barack Obama.

But Jones, who likes to use Twitter to send out messages expressing his opinions on whatever, apparently didn’t give it any thought last year.

Because he used Twitter on Saturday to suggest that “gators they trap in Fla and La” (Florida and Louisiana, for those who don’t get abbreviations) ought to be put into the Rio Grande River to “stop the illegals” from coming.

ODDLY ENOUGH, JONES is taking the same strategy that Cain took. Cain tried to write off his comments by claiming he was joking. Jones used Twitter later in the same day to imply he’s not being understood properly.

Actually, he is. He wants to make nitwit comments, then not be called on them when people point out the nonsense level of his statements.

CAIN: Already forgotten?
Personally, I’m not overly offended. Because it’s just Twitter. There’s little of any substance that can be told in 140 characters. And most people who use it are doing so because they just want to ramble without any significance given to their views.

Meaning it’s easy for me to ignore this on the grounds that it doesn’t mean anything real!

BUT I AM more appalled by those people using the Internet to try to defend this nonsense. As though freedom of expression is just a simple issue.

It is true. Jones has the right to express this thought. But nowhere is he guaranteed to get the last word on the issue. If the rest of us want to point out that he’s full of it, that’s our right to freedom of expression!

Because we’re not going to get anywhere on this issue so long as nonsense gets spewed in the name of factual basis.


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