Saturday, June 1, 2013

Macy’s in Puerto Rico; what took them so long?

Will the "Miracle" move to Puerto Rico?
Macy’s is no longer that special part of the character of New York that was immortalized in the film “Miracle on 34th Street.”

It’s just a generic department store that one can find just about anywhere.

SO WHEN I learned that Macy’s, Inc., is opening a new store in Puerto Rico to expand its market share on the Caribbean island, my reaction was something akin to, “What took them so long?”

Macy’s officials this week said they’re opening a new store in Ponce, as part of the Plaza del Caribe shopping mall that is the largest retail center in the southern part of Puerto Rico.

Officials hope for construction to take place next year, giving Macy’s their second store in Puerto Rico – they’ve been in the capital city of San Juan since 2000.

Of course, Macy’s also is in Guam, along with 45 of the 50 states – they have some 840 stores in all.

IT’S NOT EXACTLY like Macy’s is a unique experience. So the idea that they’re finally expanding in Puerto Rico just means we have a business trying to reach the masses.

They’ve figured out that U.S. currency in Puerto Rico (it is a commonwealth of our nation) is just as valid as the currency spent on the mainland.

Let's only hope that the locals decide to take off their hands-free Whopper eating devices before they decide to go shopping.


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Roark said...

Stumbled upon your blog browsing images. Very depressing. How sad to be you. Obsessed with your skin color. Living in a place that you hate, and want to transform into Tijuana. When you post you might as well just type the word hispanic over and over and over.