Saturday, June 15, 2013

A reason to root for the Spurs of San Antonio

Originally, I wasn’t going to touch the issue of Sebastien de la Cruz.

He’s the boy who on Tuesday of this week was used by the San Antonio Spurs to sing the national anthem prior to the NBA Finals game against Miami.

HIS PERFORMANCE WOULD have been yet another in the series of people who warble their way through the Star-Spangled Banner to kick off a ballgame – except for his ethnic origins. Which really shouldn't be an issue in a place like San Antonio (or anywhere in the Southwestern U.S.).

The very people who claim they don’t want to make an issue of ethnicity used assorted Twitter feeds and websites to make cheap-shot remarks about how inappropriate it was for a Mexican to be singing a U.S. national anthem.

They’re ignorable, because they’re nitwits. Reading their comments makes it easy to comprehend that it sucks to be them in today’s society. They’re the misfits who want to live in their own world, and think all of us have to live in it with them.

Uh huh!!!!

SO WHAT DID San Antonio, Texas’ NBA franchise do in response to this level of nonsense? They brought de la Cruz back for a repeat performance prior to Thursday’s game.

There are those who would want to believe that, regardless of what one thinks about immigration and ethnicity, the ball club made a gaffe by creating a situation that drew negative attention.

Those people would have tried to erase the memory of the whole affair. Instead, the Spurs decided to stick by their original action – one that is so non-controversial that we all ought to be praising it.

I even have to admire the 11-year-old himself, who told local television station KENS, “My father and my mama told me you should never judge people by how they look.”

TOO BAD THE de la Cruzes couldn’t be parents to more people in our society. Perhaps then, we’d behave with a little more sense and decency.

And it also has me hoping that San Antonio can pull off a victory (they’re both tied at two games apiece, with Game 5 scheduled for Sunday). Good karma deserves a reward.


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