Friday, May 10, 2013

Embellishing a story? Include a Latina!

Learning about the mayor of Jersey City, N.J. – who says some teenage Latinas had their way with him sexually – couldn’t help but remind me of a New York weather forecaster who wound up getting into her own amount of trouble.

HEALY: Will 'embellishment' hurt him?
That meteorologist was Heidi Jones, who back in the days when she worked for the ABC-owned television station in New York City filed a police report saying she was sexually assaulted.

BY A “HISPANIC” man. To the credit of the police department, they found so many holes in her account that rather than crack down on Latinos, they cracked down on her – eventually getting her to admit that she wanted the sympathetic attention that would come from being a rape victim.

To her, including the detail about her attacker being Latino was just a natural detail to include. She wound up getting fired, and wound up facing criminal charges of her own – such as filing a false police report.

So what now will happen with Jerramiah Healy, the mayor who faces re-election next week and has to deal with an “issue” – somebody came up with a photograph of Healy sitting on his front porch in the nude.

Although using the word “nude” makes it sound like the equivalent of some sort of art photo that depicts the human form in all its beauty. This is a crude snapshot that is just ugly to look at – as would be nude photographs of about 95 percent of us.

SO HOW DOES Healy explain the fact that one of his neighbors was able to snap such a picture? Originally, he claimed he drank too much one night many years ago and really didn’t remember how he got outside.

But now, he’s telling more detailed accounts – ones meant to make him sound like the victim. And he wound up doing the same thing Jones did; including a Latina (or a few) in the mix to make it sound like he was attacked.

Because now, he claims teenage Latinas made a lot of noise outside. He says he wrapped a towel around himself before going outside to confront them.

Only to have one of the girls snatch the towel away. While the others then took turns groping him in ways he described as “filthy.”

EXCUSE ME FOR being skeptical, but I don’t buy it. Mainly because I honestly believe that if Healy’s naked body had somehow come into contact with a teenage girl, we would have found out about this years ago when that girl’s father would have gone over to his house to beat him up for being a “prevert.”

Not that I’m saying Healy is a flasher. What I’m saying is that we don’t know what happened. Healy’s inclusion of Latinas in his account makes me wonder if, on some level, that’s what he wishes had happened!

So those activists who gathered outside of City Hall in Jersey City earlier this week to complain about how Healy “defamed” an ethnic group? He did.

Although I suspect it was just the first thought that popped into his head while trying to concoct an explanation about why he was naked outside his house many years ago.

AND WE’LL HAVE to wait until Tuesday to see the ultimate outcome of this particular incident.

That’s Election Day in Jersey City. Public officials work on behalf of the people who put them in office.

Will they decide to “fire” him for being weird? Or a bad storyteller? We’ll see soon enough.


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