Monday, May 27, 2013

Cuba so desperate for economic boost that it’s willing to accept bourgeois resorts for golf games

The Economist came up with an excuse to dig out the old file photographs of Fidel Castro playing golf – they’re reporting on the new golf course being built as part of an elaborate resort.

It will be another one of those features that Cubanos will not have much to do with. But the government that declared golf to be a bourgeois pastime some 50-plus years ago hopes that international tourists will want to use the resort.

IN SHORT, CUBA wants their money. They want those golf bag-toting tourists to spend their cash on the island. Perhaps they even envision the day when U.S. regulations against people traveling from here to Cuba will be loosened up.

It probably will take a lot more than that to get the average Cuban interested in golf. For the established mentality has been that of thinking of sports in terms of the national baseball team and those Olympic boxers who turn up every four years.

Although it was noted that one of Fidel Castro’s sons recently won a golf tournament played on the island earlier this year.

Even though his father, in that propaganda match played all those years ago before the photographers, managed to lose to Che Guevara. Maybe he'd still be alive (although nowhere near as iconic) if he had lost?


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