Saturday, April 27, 2013

¿PETA Latino? It means we’ll now get naked Latinas in the ongoing fight for animal rights, healthy eating

Be honest! You didn't even notice the broccoli

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals wants the Latino population to be amongst their backers – to the point where they have now created the PETA Latino group that is meant to get their message out en Español.

The idea doesn’t bother me too much – although I wonder how a group that can consume so much carne asada and carnitas in their (and my) ethnic diet will take to the idea of eliminating beef from the meal.

BUT I’LL ADMIT. A lot of what comes to my mind when I think of PETA ad campaigns are usually those spots that feature nude women – making a statement about how they won’t wear coats made from animal fur.

It’s really just the titillation factor at work – the reporter-type person in me has covered countless protests in which women strip down in public (covering up the most private parts with little signs containing anti-meat slogans) to get the public all worked up over their “cause.”

I really believe PETA Latino is just an excuse for us to see Latinas in their undressed state. There already is a spot out there depicting actor (and former Miss Panama) Patricia de Leon in the nude atop a giant broccoli plant.

A plant so big that it looks like it should be for the 50-foot woman who attacked us in the movies all those decades ago. We’re supposed to be enticed enough to eat our vegetables due to de Leon’s long legs and nalgas.

I’D TAKE IT a little more seriously if I hadn’t had to scour the PETA website for quite a bit before I came across their ethnic cooking recipes – the mango-avocado salsa and roasted chile and corn tamales actually sound appetizing.

Although I’ll pass on the “vegan mac and cheese.”


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