Monday, March 25, 2013

What will future think of us when they find archeological ruins of Marlins Park?

I couldn’t help but laugh when I read the reports about archeologists in Mexico finding the ruins of three ancient playing fields believed to be where the Mayans and others played their games.

What will future archeologists think when they stumble across the remains of Yankee Stadium?

Specifically, they found courts near Veracruz that are suspected of being used about 1,000 years ago for games of pelota (literally, ball). Players may have used their hips to try to knock a rubber ball through stone hoops.

BEFORE YOU START thinking about it as being primitive, is it really any less pointless than what we now call basketball?

National Institute of Anthropology and History officials say they found the courts by using remote sensors and laser scanners, since the one-time courts are now covered with centuries worth of soil and vegetation.

Everything that once was has withered away. And that’s probably true for everything we have constructed for now.

The day will come thousands of years from now when it will all be rubble, and whoever is living in that distant future will be picking through our remnants to try to figure out what to think of our society that we have now.

I ONLY HOPE that if those future archeologists stumble across what traces are left of our sports facilities of now, they wind up in a place like the Bronx in what is now New York (who knows what it will be in 4923, or whenever).

Let them find what is left of the foundation of the old Yankee Stadium (the real one, not the current structure). Perhaps they will think of us as having grandiose structures that somehow enhanced our sporting events.

Knowing our luck, they’ll stumble down to what now is Miami and come across whatever is left of something like Marlins’ Park.
Soaring fish?

They’ll probably come away thinking our society spent its recreational time eating overpriced food and watching huge video screens, and will probably speculate for years to come what purpose those people on the playing field proper served in terms of the whole spectacle.

AND I DON’T even want to speculate what they will make of that giant waterfall-like structure with those soaring fish that I'm presuming are meant to be Marlins.

Some things are just better off erased by the passage of time!


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