Monday, March 11, 2013

Latinos using the wealth to advance our brethren; will it backfire?

An interesting concept was put forth by the New York Times, which reported about a new effort by Latino powerbrokers to try to bolster the political influence of our ethnic brethren in Washington.

It is a fundraising effort by the Futuro Fund, which amounts to bringing out those of us Latinos who have developed some financial wealth. After all, money has a way of speaking very loudly when it comes to influencing the doings of electoral politics.

IT SEEMS THAT Latinos will now have a big-money presence speaking on our behalf, to counter all the big-money efforts that speak out on others’ behalf.

One could argue that this is merely assimilation. Our growing numbers are becoming a part of the political process just like everybody else.

But it is noted that some Latinos who might not be doing so well financially might come to resent all these big-money types and would reject them as any kind of representation of us all.

Possible. But I don’t really see any other group being able to make a counter-approach to gain our growing support.


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