Friday, March 8, 2013

EXTRA: Whatta pair of wins!

It was a nerve-wracking night Friday watching as the Mexico national ballclub managed to take an early lead, then watched as the United States kept trying to peck away – not giving up in the least in their efforts to avoid a loss.

But it would seem that Mexico made up for its shocking loss to Team Italy on Thursday with their 5-2 victory over the U.S. national team.

REGARDLESS OF WHAT one thinks of the geopolitical situation or whom they were rooting for, that was one heck of a home run blast by Adrian Gonzalez (who will be trying to lead the Los Angeles Dodgers to a National League championship this year once the World Baseball Classic is complete) that drove in what turned out to be the game-winning runs.

And seeing relief pitcher Sergio Romo (normally of the rival San Francisco Giants) manage to come in and preserve a 9th inning lead enabling Mexico to win was intriguing.

Particularly when during the upcoming season there is bound to be a moment when Romo will have to pitch against Gonzalez – perhaps even in a key situation. Will they remember back to Friday when both were on the same side?

I do have to admit one thing.

DESPITE MY INTEREST in the Mexico national team and my rooting interest in Los Tricolores to do well in the tourney, the more intriguing ballgame on Friday was Team Italy’s 14-4 victory over Team Canada.

I’m not making that score up. It was a blowout. An even bigger shock than Italy managing to defeat Mexico.

Which makes it likely that the ballclub everybody figured would lose three games and get knocked out of the tourney will actually advance to the next round.

All of which places more pressure on Mexico, since of the group only two of the four national teams advance. If Italy takes one of those slots, it makes it all the more possible that Mexico won’t.

WHICH WOULD BE a significant sporting disappointment.

Unless it turns out that both Italy and Mexico advance – which would be a blow to the baseball fans of the U.S. who will be unable to fathom such a possibility!


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