Saturday, February 2, 2013

The sad thing is that some people are bound to find this believable

Much of the Internet is devoted to people trying to give each other a little chuckle – almost as though they think those of us trying to use it to disseminate actual information are wasting our time on “boring” stuff!

Which is why I’m sure there are those who got their amusement from The Daily Courant – which concocted a story this week about everybody’s favorite radio blowhard, Rush Limbaugh.

IT’S THE STORY about Limbaugh being ejected from a Mexican restaurant because the owner didn’t want his type of people patronizing his business.

Personally, this particular story became apparent nonsense when it recited the alleged Limbaugh order (12 tacos stuffed with chorizo, 12 tacos al pastor, six tostadas with chicken and six more with beef, three pork burritos and a plate full of churros.

That’s a lot of food, particularly from someone whom I doubt would comprehend Mexican food as being anything other than tortillas stuffed with ground beef or chicken.

It takes someone knowledgeable to comprehend the delight that a chorizo-filled taco can be – provided that the ground sausage isn’t so overly greasy that it overwhelms the taste of anything else in the tortilla.

THE CURRANT WEBSITE claims it publishes fiction that “address(es) real-world issues through satire.” So I guess the idea of portraying Limbaugh as a buffoon who gets one-upped by a Mexican restaurant owner is something that some people will find funny.

Personally, I thought the story kind of droll.

There are too many real incidents that ought to be acknowledged to have to dredge up phony stuff – even if meant purely for humor.

And really, if you really wanted to get back at the Limbaughs of the world, you would go out of your way to feed them the table scraps and leftovers from the real Mexican cooking – which most of them wouldn’t recognize because they think the Taco Bell chalupa (or whatever it’s called) is something real!


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