Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Mexico as attractive as U.S. these days?

Which side of border wants to leave more?
It might seem that way, in a sense.

For there’s a new study by the Gallup Organization that I’m sure the conservative ideologues will want to denounce as yet another example of “liberal” bias – because it doesn’t fit their vision of the world.

GALLUP’S STUDY THIS week contends that the percentage of people living in Mexico who want to leave the country has declined significantly in recent years – from 21 percent in 2007 to 11 percent now.

Which is ironic because the percentage of people who last year wanted to leave the United States is 11 percent – although in all fairness that figure has bounced between 10 percent and 11 percent in recent years.

It hasn’t been erratic. There’s no drastic change such as the nearly 100 percent drop in the percent of people who want to leave Mexico.

Despite the fact that the ideologues are determined to believe all those dreaded Mexicans are eager to flood into the United States and “take over.”

IN FACT, THE actual number of people from Mexico who think of leaving the country is really low. Maybe one in 10 think of leaving as a long-term option, but only 4 percent are planning to make a move within the upcoming year.

Not exactly the flood that the ideologues whine about and try to use as justification for all the border “security” measures that they say must be either the priority, or exclusive focus, of immigration reform.


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