Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Isolationism alive and thriving, sadly enough

A common theme of a pair of stories I stumbled across on Tuesday – the political people in Congress who represent parts of the country with such small Latino populations that those officials likely will be the hard-core opposition to any serious immigration reform.

They’re the ones who can get away with the ideological nonsense, because redistricting has given them constituents who actually want the nonsense rhetoric.

OF COURSE, THOSE individuals don’t seem to comprehend how out-of-touch their home areas are with the nation as a whole.

But that is the political reality we’re faced with. Some political people likely will benefit from obstructionist tactics because they’re so isolated – which is always a bad thing.

Anyway, the New York Times and Capital Times of Madison, Wis., explain it better than I could at this time. Their commentary posted on their websites is worth checking out.


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