Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Who cares why GOP does it, so long as they do it!

Who’d have thought that Eva Longoria could have nailed an issue right on the head? As she did during a recent interview she gave to one of those Sunday morning television talk shows that only the politically geekiest amongst us actually watches.

On immigration reform, Longoria expects Republican officials to compromise on the issue – although not because they have come to their senses about how twisted their past opposition was.

THERE JUST AREN’T enough people like the couple I encountered on Tuesday who, in discussing the Obama inauguration, called the presidential address, “the most liberal since LBJ” and were also critical of him for acknowledging gay rights as a legitimate issue of concern.

If there were, then they’d be remaining hard-and-fast behind their efforts to try to stall the growth of the rapidly increasing Latino share of the U.S. populace.

As Longoria phrased it:

“I think the Republicans are going to realize if, you know, they don’t do it because it’s morally imperative, they have to do it because it’s politically imperative. And if they’re not doing to do it because it’s politically imperative, they’ve got to do it because it’s economically imperative.”

IT’S GOING TO be a purely practical vote for them – because they’re sensing that continued hard-line opposition will wind up irritating their business interests who want profit over ideology and will wind up costing them their elected offices.

And you can’t quite get anything done towards their fantasies of a conservative revolution if you lose on Election Day!


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