Thursday, January 10, 2013

There’d better be more!!!

For fear of sounding greedy, my initial reaction to learning that a Latino (specifically, a child of Cuban exiles) would be performing the official poem of the presidential inauguration coming up Jan. 21 was to wonder, “Is that all?”

If President Barack Obama thinks that putting a Latino face on a part of his inauguration is the sole “thank you” for all those Latino votes that killed off any chance that Mitt Romney could actually beat him, then I’d say he’s misguided.

NOT THAT THIS should be seen as demeaning Richard Blanco, who was named to be the 2013 inaugural poet – a designation held in past presidential inaugurations by such literary names as Maya Angelou and Robert Frost.

My congratulations to him, and hope that this moment is something that can jump-start the Spain-born and Miami-raised man’s literary ambitions to reach the highest of levels.

And Obama is on to something in his statement when he says that this choice “celebrate(s) the strength of the American people.” As in all of the people, and not just the ones who look and think exactly like ourselves.


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