Thursday, January 3, 2013

The young people will lead us to equality?

I’m taking a break from trying to have deep thoughts about the issues confronting our society. Fresh commentary will return Friday.

But for those who feel compelled to read something interesting, check out a commentary by Ilan Stavans, an Amhurst College professor and preeminent author about the growing Latino culture in this country.

FOR HE SEEMS to think all those young people in this country who lack U.S. citizenship or a valid visa who are struggling  to  remain here and educate themselves are going to become the generation of Latino leaders who lead my ethnic brethren to our proper niche.

It would make sense, in that their current efforts to be able to educate themselves (even though the ideologues want to believe that such education somehow steals from more deserving people) are more ambitious than most of what the bulk of us will ever do in our lives.

But you should read Stavans’ thoughts. He states it more clearly than I ever could.


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