Thursday, January 24, 2013

Slammin’ Sammy as el Presidente? No more ridiculous than when ‘the Body’ ran for public office

The one-time baseball slugger Sammy Sosa seems to be interested in rehabilitating his image – using a 10-minute chat on to appear as though he were answering questions.
The future first couple?

Of course, it was all about fluff. No substance or anything of interest. What the sports-types seem to be focusing on is his belief that the Chicago Cubs should honor him by not allowing any of their other ballplayers to wear his old uniform number “21.”

HE MIGHT HAVE a point. It is kind of tacky and borderline childish that the Cubs are refusing that honor. He is, after all, the guy who hit more home runs as a Cub (545 of his 609 home runs overall) than any other.

But the part that got me intrigued were the comments about Sosa someday running for the presidency in the Dominican Republic.

I never knew that all those strikeouts he accumulated (he would have surpassed Reggie Jackson for the career lead if his career hadn’t come to a sudden, rather abrupt, halt) made Sammy an expert on any issue of public policy!

On the surface, Sosa for president of anything other than the Sammy Sosa Fan Club (with himself as its sole member) is ridiculous.

BUT BEFORE WE laugh, let’s not forget how all those Minnesotans managed to put the professional wrestler Jesse Ventura in their governor’s mansion for one term.

Sammy and his clownish ballplayer antics would hardly be the biggest joke to ever fulfill a political prophecy by managing to get themselves elected to office based on their superficial appeal on something completely irrelevant.
Where is he now?

Meaning that if the Dominican people seriously want to cast that vote, they will truly get what they deserve. Although based off his answer, it seems that Sammy envisions a campaign where the people turn out and annoint him, rather than he actually doing any serious work to campaign for public office.

Somehow, I expect Sosa (with his current 12 percent support level) has a better chance of getting elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame someday than he does in making wife Sonia a first lady.


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