Thursday, January 31, 2013

Assimilation is occurring, even for those who don’t want to believe it

The Washington Post’s website managed Wednesday to publish the results of an intriguing poll – one that I wish all the ideologues of the world could see, even though I’m sure they wouldn’t want to believe it.

For it concerns assimilation of newcomers to our society, and challenges the notion that all these Latinos are just too different to ever fit it.

SPECIFICALLY, IT ASKS people what they think of the idiot ideologue idea of making English the Official language of the United States. When it comes to Latinos, the immigrants and next-generation people hate the idea.

But the third-generation types and further wind up supporting the idea; at rates almost as large as the poll claims other ethnic people support it.

Supposedly, white people support the idea by nearly 74 percent, while third generation Latinos back it by just over 67 percent. Black people and Asians fall in between that range when it comes to their support of English.

Now the actual Latino immigrants only back English as an official language by about 26 percent.

THEN AGAIN, THEY’RE the ones who likely are learning and will never be fully comfortable with the new language – just like every other ethnicity that ever came to this country.

But as the generations pass, assimilation takes place. It is happening.


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