Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Reading material for a slow Tuesday

It must be nice to have money. As evidenced by actor Eva Longoria, who seems to have enjoyed her stint during the campaign season being considered by Barack Obama to be politically relevant.

Now, she doesn’t seem to want to give up such status.

FOR REPORTS INDICATE she’s helping to finance a newgroup calling itself The Futuro Fund. The group supposedly wants to develop a strong presence on the Internet and through the so-called social media to influence political people to act appropriately on issues of concern to the growing Latino population.

That’s a noble goal. But I will want to wait to see if it can achieve results before I start praising it. As it is, some existing activist groups wonder if it’s merely going to detract attention away from them!

In short, will it wind up promoting la causa? Or Eva herself?

We’ll have to wait and see, just as we’ll be watching to see what (if anything) happens this week in Illinois.

FOR THIS WEEK is supposed to be when the state’s Legislature considers whether laws should be changed to permit Illinois residents without valid visas to get fully-legitimate driver’s licenses.

The ideologues already are screaming in opposition, and are planning a large-scale (they wish) rally at the state Capitol to try to scare legislators into voting “no.”

Will Illinois legislators show a backbone? Those wishing to know more should check out this weblog’s sister site, the ChicagoArgus, for details.


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