Monday, December 3, 2012

Let him run. Let him lose, big-time!

There is a part of me that is appalled to learn that political people are giving California Assemblyman Tim Donnelly such a hard time about his desires to runfor governor.
DONNELLY: Let him run! And lose!

For Donnelly was once a leader in the Minutemen, that group that used to organize its own patrols along the U.S./Mexico border and act as though it had legitimate authority to try to stop people. He’s also been among the political people who are more than willing to pander to the nativist element in order to gain Election Day votes.

OF COURSE, THEY offend me more for their name – which plays off imagery of the original patriots who founded this nation. Somehow, I suspect these ideologues would have been offended by those founders – just as I doubt anybody connected with the original Boston Tea Party would have liked the idea of these 21st Century ideologues feeding off their ideals.

So no, if I lived in California (I have some relatives who do), I doubt I’d be willing to give Donnelly much support.

But the idea that the Republican Party organizations out there are giving Donnelly such grief for even thinking of running? It borders on hypocritical.

I say, “Let him run!”

ALSO, “LET HIM lose. Big time!” Because that is what will happen. And that ultimately is what will kill off the idea that people can get elected to office by appealing to nativists. A string of defeats will be the learning process that teaches the Republican Party what is wrong with the way they have been campaigning in recent election cycles.

The GOP in recent years has catered to this nativist element. So it shouldn’t be shocking that these are the kinds of candidates for public office that they’re going to attract.

When an official with the Lincoln Club of Orange County, Calif., issues a statement that says in part, “…nor do I believe (Donnelly) represents the views of most Republicans…,” I’d have to say, “Who are you kidding?”

It’s nice to see some party officials realizing that their rhetoric has been harmful to their own interests, as well as ours, it’s not going to go away all that quickly.

THEN AGAIN, I suppose this is a first step toward the eventual reform we’re going to need if our society is not to get bogged down in a load of bull-dung that keeps us from advancing.

I just hope that people realize it’s going to take more than a few negative statements about people like Donnelly for us all to work together.

It’s going to take actual cooperation. And until policies from existing officials are more forthcoming, I’d have to say we’re getting a whole lot of nothing accomplished.


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