Wednesday, December 19, 2012

It’s time for tamales

Fresh commentary will return to this weblog on Thursday.

Until then, I couldn’t help but notice the New York Times has discovered the concept of tamales at Christmas-time.

I’M NOT SURE I’d care much for the Venezuelan take on tamales (I can do without the idea of olives AND raisins). But it was intriguing to read about – even though much of what they had to “report” was old news to the growing Latino population with our ethnic origins in Mexico.

So read on, while I try to satiate my hunger by searching for a decent tamale or two.

And as for anyone who suggests I try to eat one of those Tom Tom brand things that you find in the supermarket (but which I always avoid), I’m not sure whether to despise you for such a vile suggestion or pity you for not being more aware in a culinary sense!

Just like that celebrity chef on the Top Chef program who apparently thinks tamales and tacos are the same thing.


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