Friday, November 30, 2012

Trump does South America; Will they find him any more appealing than we do in north?

Perhaps it is all too obvious why Donald Trump is taking his real estate developing skills to South America – too many of us up here realize what a blowhard he truly is.
As envisioned in Uruguay. Image provided by

For every ideologue who wants to think that Trump’s money gives him anything resembling credibility, the masses among us just realize that a buffoon is a buffoon – regardless of how overflowing his wallet is with charge cards.

BUT IN THE nations that comprise the South America continent, it seems that he’s still a novelty.

Which is why it was considered a major accomplishment recently when it was announced that Trump plans to oversee development of a luxury residential tower in Uruguay.

It will be right on the ocean, and company officials say they’re trying to appeal to people who want an apartment of their own that they can call a second residence. We’re talking about the wealthy of Buenos Aires, San Paolo -- and even New Yorkers who are willing to venture outside the United States for an outing from time to time.

The price-tag, according to Forbes magazine, is somewhere between $700,000 and $2.5 million per apartment unit. Which really means this isn’t geared toward anyone who lives in Uruguay for real.

IT SEEMS LIKE an invention – a special-type community where the wealthy can claim to visit someplace exotic without actually having to interact with anyone who isn’t exactly like themselves.

Which always struck me as being an apt description of Donald Trump himself. In fact,  a part of me always has wondered just how the developer has managed to remain in the public eye for so long.

You’d think we’d have gotten tired of his silly, trivial image some several wives ago (I lost track after Marla Maples).

Personally, I wish that this venture into Uruguay were some sort of evidence that Trump is leaving us – and we’d no longer have to listen to his blather. Something like he no longer wants to live in this country because Barack Obama got re-elected despite all the Trump stupid talk.

IF THAT WERE true, it would be reason enough to be grateful that we don’t have the concept of “President-elect Mitt Romney” (although I heard the two had a lovely lunch at the White House on Thursday to try to make peace with each other).

But I doubt that Trump is going to be that nice to us. And I also have to say that I don’t believe Uruguay has ever done anything so nasty to the United States that they really deserve to have to live with Donald himself.


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