Friday, October 19, 2012

Is it too late for the GOP w/ Latinos?

“If we do with Latinos what we did with African-Americans, Republicans and conservatives will be doomed.”


Those were the words of “wisdom” (I’d say they were nothing more than stating the incredibly obvious) from Karl Rove, the GOP political operative who spoke this week to students at Harding University in Arkansas.

They come just as a new Pew Research Center poll shows that three-quarters of Latinos who are devout Catholics prefer the thought of Barack Obama for president, and about 80 percent of non-religious Latinos also don’t want Republican nominee Mitt Romney winning on Nov. 6.

I’M SURE SOME of the ideologues will take comfort in the fact that Latinos who are Evangelical are less supportive – 39 percent for Romney, compared to 50 percent for Obama.

Yet that still sounds like an Obama “victory” even among the segment of Latino society that seems to want to favorably view the conservative ideologues and wants to be included in their ranks.

How much longer can the ideologues go on thinking they can back officials who want to demonize the Latino segment of our society? It seems at times that Latinos are getting close to that “90 percent” figure – which is about the level of support that African-American people give to the Democratic Party over the Republicans.

And for all the rhetoric about how Latino Catholics are conservative enough that they ought to be Republican (even Rove said something along those lines during his recent speech), we ought to keep in mind that there was once a time when black people viewed the Republicans as the “Party of Lincoln” and Democrats as the party of people willing to look the other way when it came to segregation.


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