Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Is Fidel Castro’s corpse “alive and thriving?”

Did Fidel Castro really have a stroke? And is he really on the verge of death?

Are you swayed by this Cuban propaganda photograph meant to convine us that Fidel Castro is alive and well?

Or is that really Yankee Imperialist propaganda about a man who can’t remember the last time he had a headache?

ONCE AGAIN, THE speculation is abounding about the man who overthrew the Cuban government way back in 1959 and whose brother runs the Caribbean island nation today – although there are those who speculate that Raul Castro is just a puppet of his conniving brother.

The rhetoric here has been over the top because it becomes impossible to deal rationally with anything involving Castro or Cuba.

The tales have been told throughout the decades about Castro being near death, only for it to turn out that he’s 86 years old and still alive (and with some genetic indicators in his family that imply he has a chance to be a centenarian)!

Fidel seems like the Man who won’t Die – if mostly to spite the Miami exile community. Is Castro determined to outlive every Cubano who fled the country – and continues to have delusions of returning to Cuba someday to “reclaim” their property?

WHICH IS WHY when I heard the reports last week about Castro suffering a stroke, I didn’t take them too seriously. At his age, anything is possible.

But there also are too many people willing to believe the worst when it comes to Castro. It becomes way too easy for things to get exaggerated.

It’s going to take a lot more than a tale of a stroke for me to be convinced that Castro is gone. We’re probably going to need a body, similar to what we got when Osama bin Laden was killed in a military raid.

Because a lot of these tales hop onto a tidbit and blow it out of proportion. There may well be a Castro illness these days. Or maybe not. The consequence of our being cut off from Cuba so much is that we really don’t know what is happening there.

BUT BEFORE ONE thinks I’m trying to lambaste the people who are hoping for a Castro death in the near future, I must state that the Cuban reaction strikes me as an attempt to deny, deny, deny that the little tidbit of truth is true.

A former vice president of Venezuela is saying he met with Castro, and that Fidel seemed physically well. Although I wonder what President Hugo Chavez would have had done with him -- had he said anything otherwise?

Castro also published a commentary on government-run websites to further denounce the Yankee Imperialists (does anybody take that phrase seriously anymore?) and also came up with a photograph of himself – one meant to give us the impression that the one-time scourge of U.S. foreign policy is now just a country-bumpkin farmer.

Maybe he grows a tobacco crop in his retiring years? Who’s to say what is true – although I wouldn’t put it past the Cuban propaganda machine to try to create an image for Fidel all too similar to the day that then-President George W. Bush walked onto that battleship with the big banner reading, “Mission Accomplished.”

IT SEEMS THE rumor mill is being stoked by the fact that Fidel’s last public appearance was his greeting of Pope Benedict XVI when the latter visited Cuba earlier this year.

He also said that he no longer publishes commentaries in Granma (the official newspaper) because “it certainly is not my role to occupy the pages of our newspaper.”

Fidel the media pundit is no more – although some of those commentaries were so far over-the-top as to be entertaining for their delusional factor.

Which may be the key word to keep in mind when contemplating anything related to modern-day Cuba. Many people from differing perspectives let their delusions run amok!


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