Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Spanish “Yellow Pages” a recognition of Latino market

It seems like such an obvious concept that I have a hard time believing that anyone thinks this is a great innovation.

I’m talking about “Seccion Amarilla” (Section Yellow, for those of you who need an English translation). It’s the marketing label given to the idea of printing Spanish-language versions of the Phone Book.

SPECIFICALLY, THERE ARE the Yellow Pages, that portion meant to stand out in the big thick books that some people still prefer using to trying to look up numbers on the Internet (which always seem to spew out the wrong number whenever I use them).

It is a realization that Latinos are capable of using the telephone, and can use the book to help deal with business needs. It also means that yet another business entity looks at Latinos and sees green – as in the color of our money, which is just as spendable as anybody else’s cash.

The Spanish version of the Yellow pages is successful enough that it even gets its own advertising campaign – this year featuring the great Mexican soccer player Cuahtemoc Blanco (who has played the past couple of years with the Chicago Fire of Major League Soccer).

“We want our clients to feel secure that Seccion Amarilla is, and will continue to be, an efficient and cost-effective advertising channel to business owners wanting to promote their goods and services to the (Latino) population,” CEO Juan Reffreger said, in a prepared statement.

“OUR CAMPAIGN IS to support our current customers, and also an invitation for the ones that have not yet joined us,” Reffreger said.

So how big a deal is the Spanish-language version of the Yellow Pages?

Seccion Amarilla officials say they hope to publish more than 60 versions of their directory that would put them in markets in just over 30 of the 50 states of the United States.



depalma said...

Portada held its first Digital and Print Media Awards Ceremony where pioneers in 8 categories were recognized for their outstanding work. Winners were chosen by Portada readers, who first nominated the candidates for the awards, and then cast their votes to select the winners, who were announced at the awards dinner sponsored by Batanga. Top Content provider to Hispanic and Latin American Audiences Seccion Amarilla USA L.L.C.

Anonymous said...

Portada: How many monthly unique visitors does your site (or sites) receive?

Castillo De Mattei: www.seccionamarilla.com as a spanish yellow pages on local search online directory averages more than 2.6 million visitors a month, with climbing numbers every month, increasing Pageviews indicating clearly that the users are finding more and more useful and updated information, updated content about what to do in your City is available, from Weather to Spas, from Lottery to Fitness videos…

Portada: How many markets does your local search cover?

Castillo De Mattei: Within the US website, we cover Nationwide markets for local search, from Salt Lake City to Harris County, Texas, markets with a settled Hispanic Population like Los Angeles or Miami to counties with important growth rates like Kendall, IL or Maricopa, AZ.

Portada: What are the biggest challenges maintaining a comprehensive and accurate local search database?

Castillo De Mattei: A great part of the companies today are not considering using relevant keywords when they start a new business. They are focusing on creating an exclusive name and creating a brand that catches public’s attention or suggesting something about their product or services. Unfortunately, a business’s name only occasionally contains keywords that users type into search engines when trying to find their type of business or industry. So, retrieving this type of information from our clients at the point of purchase is the most challenging issue, but in order to overcome these challenges we reinvent our sales force with extensive training and tools (keyword DBs...) to become successful and grant our customers with an all around service.
Portada: How do you keep your info updated?

Castillo De Mattei: On a daily basis our client base from the print and online directories are inputted into our systems, updated and preparing their ads for the next printing distribution and upload to our websites.

Portada: Who is helping you develop your mobile interface?

Castillo De Mattei: The various present and upcoming projects are being developed in-house, from SMS to click to call…

Portada: Who are your biggest advertisers? What categories?

Castillo De Mattei: Lawyers, Insurance, Restaurants, Dentist, Travel Agencies, Driving Schools, Real State, Finance, Bail Bonds, Chiropractic..are our Top 10..followed closely by Hotels, Automobiles, Plumbers and Florists..

Anonymous said...

Interesting Numbers. The numbers they send monthly to the sales offices average around 50,000 total hits per month.

Anonymous said...

50,000 per month is no where near 2.6 million. Are you meaning worldwide ? You are in multiple countries. So what is the correct number for the United States ?

Anonymous said...

Yellow pages en espanol is a great tool for those "old school folk" who don't have the time or care to learn how to navigate on the internet. HOWEVER Seccion Amarilla brought a brillant idea and smothered it with greed and the enept. But heck don't take my word for it just google seccion amarilla complaints and you'll see.

Less is More said...

“Seccion Amarilla” (Section Yellow, for those of you who need an English translation). It’s the marketing label given to the idea of printing Spanish-language versions of the Phone Book." - agreeing with this because some other people need to check or search the word in English translation . i have visited some sites which can help its all about paginas amarillas great and easy to use